Orbital Comics / Soho

Friday, 14 October, 2016 - 20:00

Orbital Comics
8 Great Newport Street
United Kingdom

Marine / Storybook Tour 2016

'The songs of Marine are crystallised from mythology and fables, mingling with personal words and emotions to form tales of the ordinary and not ordinary. They describe themselves as Fable Electric. A genre all their own, made out of things we all know and things we don't know. The underworld, Seal demons, mighty Kraken, werewolves, witches and gods.... even questioning the very nature of storytelling itself.'

When we started we based our writing conceptually to trace the supposed 'seven roots of all stories', our growing fascination with fables, myths and legends has shaped our 2 albums worth of songs so far!
Our love affair with storybooks and our growing reluctance to join this digital era have led us back to book shelves where we will be performing through October.
Performing stripped back gigs, and giving lyric readings surrounded by stories in Libraries, Comic Shops, Bookshops and even Narrowboats...

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