November 2017

22 November 2017 (Wed 1pm)


Test pressings of the record arrived and we're preeettttyyy pretty excited! :) #vinyl

20 November 2017 (Mon 1pm)


Next gig / DeLooze 'Japan to Jam' Ep Launch

Photo by Friends Serene from our gig earlier this month supporting the awesome Bat and Ball.

18 November 2017 (Sat 10am)


Can't get enough of this recording this week... Have a good weekend :) Beth

16 November 2017 (Thu 11am)


(AHEM... drum roll please!)

We are very excited to announce that we’ve signed with the oh so cool chaps over at The Vinyl Factory! The album is due to be released in February 2018, on vinyl as well as digital, with singles coming much sooner...

Stay, tuned!

Pic by Bex Wade Photography

14 November 2017 (Tue 12pm)


Visual research to aid the audio sculptures we have created. Ruby x

13 November 2017 (Mon 8pm)


We look forward to supporting DeLooze next month!

08 November 2017 (Wed 11am)


Tonight's the night! Free gig with this lovely lot, in East London x

07 November 2017 (Tue 12pm)


greedy greedy ears for this witchy witchy track..cooler than the hinges of hell! Cseb x

06 November 2017 (Mon 2pm)


Mr Onyeabor warming up my Monday with his Atomic Bomb! GIG WEDNESDAY CHAPS! See last posts for deets innit. Rubyyy x

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