November 2016

30 November 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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"A storm-tossed drama lit by a full moon, a distant lighthouse and the kind influence of Jeff Buckley"

27 November 2016 (Sun 3pm)

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Northern Transmissions spreading the Red Fruit love!

26 November 2016 (Sat 11am)

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Thanks for listening and sharing James at Too Many Blogs :)

25 November 2016 (Fri 2pm)

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Some nice words from Melographic!

25 November 2016 (Fri 10am)

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We're looking forward to playing with Bat and Ball tonight at The Lexington!

Photo by Bojan Brbora

24 November 2016 (Thu 7pm)

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Here's an interview we did with For The Rabbits!
A little window into our thoughts! Hope you enjoy reading them :)

24 November 2016 (Thu 4pm)

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Here's a little interview we did with For The Rabbits.
Last gig of the year, tomorrow... Bat and Ball live at The Lexington!

24 November 2016 (Thu 12pm)

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"Marine spin your favourite fairy tail into a dreamy yet grungy new number on their latest single 'Red Fruit.'" :) Thank you Samantha O'Connor at The 405!

23 November 2016 (Wed 7pm)

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Hype Machine played Marine today! #hypemachine

23 November 2016 (Wed 2pm)

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"When Marine described themselves as Fable Electric they hit the nail through the wood, with such potential, class and individuality Marine could find themselves inspiring and birthing new talent even at this stage". Thank you Jamie Music News :)

23 November 2016 (Wed 10am)

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Our last gig of the year (and for a little while) is coming up this Friday... We are excited to be opening for Bat and Ball live at The Lexington.

Also, we have a new website! Check it out :) HUGE thanks to the awesome guys Kevin and Toby at Really Quite Something ( Also, BIG thanks to Phil Karg for setting up our domain name! We are surrounded by such talented people, we are truly lucky mermaids!

22 November 2016 (Tue 4pm)

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Red fruit's gunna be on the radio! Tune in at 8pm tonight to hear some love for our new single!

22 November 2016 (Tue 3pm)

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Thank you so much to everyone for coming down last night! Holly France dancing to Red Fruit whilst we played, made for a truly momentous occasion! Huge Thanks to Nocturne and Holly (who were both sublime!) and Hip Hip Hooray for Red Fruit! x MARINE x Photo by Bojan Brbora

21 November 2016 (Mon 3pm)

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Presenting Red Fruit by Marine
Our brand new single is out TODAY to hear and buy!
A love song inspired by Snow White about believing in things without proof.

Thankyou to all of you for listening and supporting 4 mermaids with a dream :) Hope you enjoy the track.
Much love! Cara, Kaja, Ruby and Beth xxx

21 November 2016 (Mon 12pm)

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RED FRUIT IS OUT TODAY! Zoom! Come celebrate with us and the wonderful Nocturne TONIGHT at The Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston:

You can buy our new shiny red single here!

18 November 2016 (Fri 11am)

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West country we are heading your way! yeeow!
Our 'two-step' tour starts this weekend!
Sat Nov 19 / The Nest, Bath
Sun Nov 20 / The Prince Albert , Stroud
Mon Nov 21 / Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Love, your partners in brine, Marine.

17 November 2016 (Thu 1pm)

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Getcho 6 Early Bird Tickets Here!
We can't wait to seeeee yooooou!

16 November 2016 (Wed 2pm)

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D e l e t e d T r a p e z e S c e n e s ! :/

16 November 2016 (Wed 1pm)

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D e l e t e d S c e n e s ;)

15 November 2016 (Tue 2pm)

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ever wondered if the filming of Rapunzel was really easy and chilled out? well, wonder no longer! At times it was kinda DIABOLICAL!

B e h i n d T h e S c e n e s :)

11 November 2016 (Fri 6pm)

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Come and discover Marine's Fable Electric sound at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston on MON NOV 21ST
Celebrating their new single 'Red Fruit' - a love song. Recorded by the one, the only Gordon Raphael (The Strokes / Regina Spektor).

Get your tickets at:

10 November 2016 (Thu 2pm)

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Hope this serves as some kind of antidote for the latest political disaster. The folks at The Digital Fix asked us about our favourite fables inspired tunes... Here are some!

08 November 2016 (Tue 2pm)

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Check this out! We were invited to chat on Resonance 104.4fm last week by Cheri Amour (deputy of The Girls Are...) on her show "The Other Woman". Our lovely Cara represented the crew in an awesome interview that you can listen to NOW. (Just after 16mins into the broadcast, though we do recommend you listen to the whole show)

08 November 2016 (Tue 1pm)

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Y'all! We got summet new for ya! We made some musical juicy fruits with Gordon Raphael a while back and we're about to feast on it.. and you're invited to bring a plate! Red Fruit is released on Nov 21st ///// it's almost time to celebrate (with you!) at The Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston! Zoom! x

07 November 2016 (Mon 2pm)

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Thanks to all, again, who came to our video launch at MOTH CLUB last month! Next big gig and Single Release Party is very soon... 21/11 at Servant Jazz Quarters!

Here are some lovely photos by Bex Wade Photography from the Rapunzel night, in our glittery outfits with The Wharves and Peluch!

06 November 2016 (Sun 2pm)

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We had so much fun at Sofar sounds last week! Lovely photies from the very talented Quet Zal x

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