October 2016

31 October 2016 (Mon 4pm)

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It's been three weeks since Rapunzel hit the web and blogosphere! We have a brand new single coming out on 21st November... Until then, here's some hair...


26 October 2016 (Wed 10am)

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We are playing Sofar Sounds London this Saturday at a secret location in E. London! We'll be playing a practically-unplugged set and have a pair of tickets to giveaway! For your chance to win, follow the link, quick! :)


22 October 2016 (Sat 9am)

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Check out the awesome new (and aquatically themed) song from our friends Peluch! It was premiered on The Line Of Best Fit and we can't wait to hear the whole EP!


21 October 2016 (Fri 10pm)

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Rapunzel lives on, interpreted as a graphic score. A sort of musical map or alternative notation. Cats cradle hand shapes weave the twinned guitar lines, dots and glitches cut the clockwork drum pattern and skeletal pipelines scout the course of the bass. Score by Ruby x

20 October 2016 (Thu 9pm)

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#Wish it was the launch night all over again! xxx

19 October 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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Aw shucks.. Thanks She Makes Music !

19 October 2016 (Wed 12pm)

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Oh My Goodness! Thank you to EVERYONE who made it to our video party on Monday! It was so special and we are still getting the glitter out of our ears! Rapunzel continues to make waves in the blogosphere.. if you still haven't checked her out.. Do so now! Her video link is inside this lovely little review! xxx

17 October 2016 (Mon 10am)

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Tonight tonight tonight! We play MOTH CLUB in Hackney and it's freeee and we get to hang out with The Wharves aaaand Peluch . Both of whom we love and who will be making some sweet sweet music right in front of your faces! Come see our Rapunzel screening and come rock out! Big love to the Marwood for Saturdays gig in Brighton (Photo by Bex Wade).. Bring on tonight! Maweeeeeen! x PS Wooonderful photography by Bex Wade Photography

16 October 2016 (Sun 7pm)

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16 October 2016 (Sun 12pm)

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Rapunzel the video is continuing to cook up a storm! Check her plaited wisdom out, via the very wonderful Safe Tapes Blog. It hosts a lovely little review too!

16 October 2016 (Sun 10am)

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There's no longer a gig today at Crouch End Library.

But tomorrow we celebrate the release of the Rapunzel video with a very special screening and gig at MOTH CLUB ... Will we be wearing these outfits on Monday?! You'll have to see for yourselves.

15 October 2016 (Sat 5pm)

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On route to Brighton to play the lovely Marwood Coffeshop. Last night's gig at Orbital Comics in Soho was really special- thanks for making us feel so welcome and thank you to everyone who came along, including our dear friend Gordon Raphael. BRIGHTON peeps, see you at 9pm! Photo by Bex Wade

15 October 2016 (Sat 10am)

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14 October 2016 (Fri 10am)

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Come to a gig in a comic book store you say? How very great! See you at Orbital Comics in Soho, this very eve x

13 October 2016 (Thu 7pm)

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More love for our Fairytale hair sculpture! Thanks Circuit Sweet! x

13 October 2016 (Thu 3pm)

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have we ever told you about our friends Peluch? They are magnificent!
This recording in particular gives us chills - the great kind
We are honoured they will be DJing for our launch on Monday

12 October 2016 (Wed 6pm)

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5 DAYS 'til we see you at the

12 October 2016 (Wed 1pm)

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Rapunzel made it in to The 405! Zoom! If you haven't already checked out the video.. click through for Golden Cabbages and Spice Girl Dance Routines! x

10 October 2016 (Mon 4pm)

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LET US INTRODUCE TO YOU....RAPUNZEL!: Thankyou so much to Clash for premiering our video and making us track of the day!

We are extremely proud and thrilled to be able to share our first official video with you! Please click things, share things, watch and tell people about it. it contains much hard work and fun. We hope you can all join us for the wrap party at MOTH CLUB on Mon Oct 17! (next week)

HUMUNGOUS thanks go to all those who made it with us, and to all of you for giving us a reason to make it! We u!


10 October 2016 (Mon 3pm)

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Ever wondered what happened to all the dance routine videos?
Well you're about to find out TODAY!
Stay tuned sea life fans!
We are so gosh darned excited to share this with you! xxx

10 October 2016 (Mon 12pm)

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We partners in brine are so excited and privileged that this brilliant band are supporting us next week at our launch!
We heart you The Wharves!
Check out their new single waaaaa! xxx

07 October 2016 (Fri 4pm)

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Day 2 of #StorybookTour tonight at The Big Green Bookshop! FREE and BYO ;) Come and indulge in stories, books and music...

Here's an awesome shot from talented Bex Wade from our first gig of the tour, on Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge from Sunday.

04 October 2016 (Tue 3pm)

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limited edition merch coming your way soooooooon!

01 October 2016 (Sat 10am)

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So lovely to receive good support from you all already! Here's an updated poster (posters designed by Cara). Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge will be at Kings Cross (just off Granary Square). :)

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