September 2016

29 September 2016 (Thu 10am)

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When we started we based our writing conceptually to trace the supposed 'seven roots of all stories', our growing fascination with fables, myths and legends has shaped our 2 albums worth of songs so far! Our love affair with storybooks and our growing reluctance to join this digital era have led us back to book shelves where we will be performing through October.

Performing stripped back gigs, and giving lyric readings surrounded by stories in Libraries, Comic Shops, Bookshops and even Narrowboats..

27 September 2016 (Tue 10am)

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Marine are crazy excited to introduce to you their first official Music Video 'Rapunzel' - a story about liberating yourself from repetition! Our little homage to magic, independence, and the original story of Rapunzel who started her life as a humble enchanted lettuce...

26 September 2016 (Mon 2pm)

Facebook photo the date marine biologists! :)
***MON OCTOBER 17***

23 September 2016 (Fri 4pm)

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Here's a glimpse of our gig earlier this month...

22 September 2016 (Thu 3pm)

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Plug in your headphones and enjoy some new Warpaint (while we prepare some new Marine).

15 September 2016 (Thu 12pm)

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20 years ago today "In A Bar Under The Sea" was released! Stef Kamil Carlens has been a huge influence on my bass playing and melodies 3 . Beth

14 September 2016 (Wed 12pm)

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Want more Marine photos? Follow us on instagram...

09 September 2016 (Fri 1pm)

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Photo by Colin Hart Photography from Communion Music on Sunday.

05 September 2016 (Mon 12pm)

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#Video Cheeky! Badass Screamin Alien Mermaids! Thanks to Communion Music for having us and thanks to Philipp Karg for this little Gem. We rocked out! x

03 September 2016 (Sat 6pm)

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Tomorrow we play Notting Hill Arts Club for the Oh. So. Aweseome. Communion Music. Doors 6pm!

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