July 2016

24 July 2016 (Sun 10pm)

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myths are half truths, legends are truths.

a myth can be a legend, but a legend is not necessarily a myth.

a myth can be a folktale, but a folktale is not necessarily a myth.

marine songs are a mix of all of this and none of it at the same time.



20 July 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, in east London at Paper Dress Vintage! We'll be playing some very new music, as well as your favourites ;) thanks for the pic BBC Introducing in the West.

19 July 2016 (Tue 12pm)

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Thanks for having us 'The Social' at Larmer Tree Festival last week with special thanks to Nuala :) (photo by Nuala too, from soundcheck)

15 July 2016 (Fri 2pm)

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11 July 2016 (Mon 2pm)

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We had an awesome Saturday at Matthew Herbert's Rural Residency! We played a live set features by NXRecords and it streamed live on NTS Radio! Soundcloud to follow soon... (Photo by NTS Radio)

06 July 2016 (Wed 2pm)

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Happy to announce that we're performing Matthew Herbert's (Accidental Records) Rural Residency this Saturday, and it'll be broadcast live on NTS Radio!

Tune in on Saturday to listen :)

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