June 2016

28 June 2016 (Tue 12pm)

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Weaves new album is OUT! We supported these guys not so long ago and they were SICK! Woop! x

27 June 2016 (Mon 1pm)

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Last week at The Victoria. Thanks for the pic The Life and Death :)

22 June 2016 (Wed 9am)

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Tonight we shall play a free gig behind this very bookcase.. Sneak behind these shelves and come slow jam to some fable electric. Totally are on at 830, followed by us, at The Victoria in Dalston xx

21 June 2016 (Tue 3pm)

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it'd sure be swell to see you at our gig tomorrow!
8.30pm at The Victoria, and what...its free?! here is a disturbing toothdance to celebrate! xxx

19 June 2016 (Sun 12pm)

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I can't get enough of this song, so good... Bx


17 June 2016 (Fri 2pm)

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BESTIVAL @ Goldsmiths! Today! Catch us at 6pm! x

17 June 2016 (Fri 12pm)

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Gig tonight merpeeps! We play a FREE show at 6pm outside Goldsmiths University on the PureGold/FameThrowa stage for Bestival @ Goldsmiths! Woop! x

16 June 2016 (Thu 12pm)

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We caught the Oh SO Incredible Nocturne at The Albany Deptford last week and were totally blown away..

Making it even more cool that we'll be performing tomorrow for Bestival at Goldsmiths, University of London with them, Ghostpoet and Rosie Lowe..


Catch us at 6pm on the PureGold Stage and catch Nocturne soon after on the main stage... Photo credit it Laura McCaffery x

15 June 2016 (Wed 3pm)

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"My heart is a machine
and it dares me
to do something" C#

A doodle for Kraken, by Ms Jack x

13 June 2016 (Mon 2pm)

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Awesome news ahoy! We've been asked to join the bill for Bestival at Goldsmiths! We will be playing on the PureGold stage on Friday 17th at 6pm. Huzzah! Marine x

11 June 2016 (Sat 4pm)

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Exciting gig news coming Monday gang! Woop! x

10 June 2016 (Fri 6pm)

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cheers mermaids!

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